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9 days: Best of Taiwan

FROM TAIPEI TO KAOHSIUNG, 9 Full days to explore the beauty of Taiwan. Licensed English speaking guide/driver: Taipei, Hualien; Taroko, Cingjing:, Sun Moon lake, Alishan and Kaohsiung.

Itinerary Features

  • Transportation including 5-seater sedan / 8-seater van and driver;
  • English speaking licensed guide;
  • In one day you will go from the ocean to 3.275 meters above the sea;
  • Be amazed by the “sea of clouds”;
  • This tour can be customized.

Travelling with a licensed driver/guide means: 
– You can change plans in case you want or need.
– You can decide your daily schedule, your morning wake up alarm and for how long you want to stay or visit a place or a restaurant where you would like to stop for food.

Prices won’t appear in here. It will be created according to your budget.  Price depends on the type of accommodation, number of participants and the season. Please do contact us for a quotation.T


  • Day 1  : Taipei – Arrival

  • Day 2  : Taipei 

  • Day 3 : Taipei Hualien  

  • Day 4 : Hualien – Cingjing ( via Taroko ) 

  • Day 5 : Cingjing – Sun Moon Lake 

  • Day 6 : Sun Moon lake – Alishan 

  • Day 7  : Alishan – Chiayi ( HSR to )-  Kaohsiung  

  • Day 8 Kaohsiung

  • Day 9  : Kaohsiung (HSR to ) Taipei Taoyuan Airport

Day 1

Taipei - Arrival

► Arrival in Taipei and private transfer to the hotel.
► Rest of the day free to explore Taipei.
► Around 17.00 /18.00 meet with our licensed English speaking licensed guide for a walking tour in one of the famous night markets.
► Overnight in Taipei.

Type of accommodations available: 4* Hotel, central located.
Guide & transportation: Night Market Walking Tour ( English speaking guide ) 


Why do I need a guide to visit a night market? 

  1. Language Barrier: Taiwan’s night markets are bustling hubs filled with local vendors and visitors. A guide who speaks the local language can help you navigate through the market, communicate with vendors, and understand the food and products available.

  2. Local Knowledge: A knowledgeable guide can provide insights into the history, culture, and significance of the night market. They can introduce you to popular local dishes, recommend the best stalls and must-try delicacies, and help you discover hidden gems that you might have otherwise missed.

  3. Cultural Immersion: A guide can bridge the gap between different cultures by providing cultural context and explaining local customs and etiquette. They can also help facilitate interactions with locals, creating opportunities for meaningful exchanges and a deeper understanding of Taiwanese culture.

  4. Time Efficiency: With the help of a guide, you can make the most of your time at the night market. They can lead you to the most popular stalls, help you navigate efficiently, and ensure you don’t miss out on any highlights, saving you time and maximizing your experience. 

buildings, taiwan, taipei 101-1846728.jpg

Day 2


►Breakfast at the hotel.
► Free day to explore Taipei and the surroundings.
► Overnight in Taipei.

Type of accommodations available: 4*
Meals: Breakfast 
Guide & transportation: None

What to do in Taipei in 1 day?

  • At 10.00 visit Longshan Temple and Herb Lane:  Founded in 1738 during the Qing Dynasty has been rebuilt multiple times after destruction by earthquakes, typhoons, and even bombing in the last days of WWII. It is for worshiping Guanshiyin Buddha and over 100 divine spirits. The most important ones are : Matsu, goddess of the sea, Wenchang Dijun, the god of literature, red-faced Guan Gong, the god of war and patron of police and gangsters, and the Old Man Under the Moon, known as the Matchmaker or the Chinese cupid. Longshan Temple is considered not only a temple, a sightseeing attraction, but also a second-degree historical site. Just around the corner from Longshan Temple is this herb-selling area that dates back to Qing times. It’s a great place to sample some of the incredible range of Chinese herbal drinks available, though some may truly curdle your liver.
  • 12. 00 – 13.00 Time for a quick lunch ( included ) to taste some of the specialties of Taiwan ( your guide will discuss with you about the kind of food you like to eat and give you some suggestion for a place to eat ).
  • After lunch visit the Palace Museum, ( entrance ticket included ). Home to the world’s largest and arguably finest collection of Chinese art, this vast collection covers treasures in painting, calligraphy, statuary, bronzes, lacquerware, ceramics, jade and religious objects. It ranks sixth among the top ten most popular museums 
  • If time allows changing guard at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall ( every hour till 17.00 )
  • 15.30 – 17.30 Taipei 101, elevator to the top and mass damper. ( Ticket TWD 600, included )
    Taipei 101 is impossible to miss with its 508mt holding the title of the world’s tallest green building until 2011. Observation decks are on the 88th and 89th floors, with an outdoor deck on the 91st floor opened on some occasions, weather permitting. Don’t miss the massive gold-coloured iron wind damper that keeps the tower stable through typhoons and earthquakes.
  • Tour will end at 18.00 ( guide will leave ) at  Din Tai Fung where you will be having dinner ( not included) in one of the most iconic restaurant of Taiwan.  ( or back to your hotel )

Day 3

Taipei - Hualien

After breakfast, meet your guide/driver

► Breakfast at the hotel
► Meeting with English speaking licensed guide/driver 
 Transfer Taipei – Hualien via Yilan.  

Sightseeing Stops

  • Yilan / national Center of Traditional Arts
  • Quinshui cliff 
  • Other sightseeing will be scheduled during the road to Hualien, itinerary will follow once the schedule is confirmed).

► Overnight in Crossing the Rainbow Bridge ( B&B )

Type of accommodations available: Crossing the Rainbow Bridge B&B 
Meals: Breakfast
Guide & transportation: English speaking licensed guide & private car/van


Day 4

Hualien - Cingjing ( Ren'Ai )

► Breakfast at the hotel and meeting with the English speaking licensed  guide/driver;
► Take the road to Sun Moon Lake through the famous Taroko Gorge,

Sightseeing spots:

  • Swallow Grotto 
  • Lyushuei
  • Heliou Trail
  • TianXiang/ Zhuilu Trail
  • Shakadang Trail
  • Buluowan and aboriginal tribes / Wuling

► Overnight in Cingjing.

Note:  This area is not really easy for wheelchair or for people with mobility issues. 
Type of accommodations available:
Margaret Villa or similar
Meals: Breakfast 
Guide & transportation: English speaking licensed guide & private car/van.

taiwan, cingjing, morning-2699628.jpg

Day 5

Cingjing - Sun Moon Lake

► Breakfast at the hotel and meeting with the English speaking licensed guide/driver;
 Transfer with  car or van to Sun Moon Lake, consistently rated as one of the most scenic spots in Asia. 

Upon arrival, you’ll first take in the beauty of Taiwan’s largest lake while enjoying a leisurely 60-minute bike ride along a trail awarded as one of ten “Breath-Taking Cycling Routes” by CNN or boarding the lake ferry and admiring the lake waters and surrounding mountains. The ferry experience will be followed by a sky-high ride in a cable car granting picturesque 360-degree panoramic views over Sun Moon Lake. Depending on the arrival time, the itinerary is the following:

The Sun Moon Lake Ropeway connects Ita Thao with the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. It takes about ten minutes each way and covers a distance of around 1,877 meters (6,158 ft).

After the Ropeway Ride you will visit Wenwu Temple. The majestic temple sits on a mountainside, north of Sun Moon Lake, and was built according to the landscape. Wenwu Temple is known to be the largest temple in the area.

The final stop is Ita Tao During a 40-minute visit, you can learn more about Taiwan and Taiwanese Indigenous culture and get your hands on some fine traditional arts and crafts.

► Overnight in Sun Moon Lake.

Type of accommodations available: Doris Home B&B or similar. 
Meals: Breakfast
Guide & transportation: English speaking licensed guide & private car/van.

Sun Moon lake

Day 6

Sun Moon Lake - Alishan

► Breakfast at the hotel and meeting with the English speaking licensed guide/driver;
 Transfer with  car or van to Sun Moon Lake. 
On the way to Alishan stop in some beautiful viewpoints and at the Elephant mountain national Scenic area to learn about tea culture and magnificent view. 
Lunch on the way (not included in the quotation). Your Tour guide will suggest some places on the way.
► Dinner at the hotel ( Only with Applause in the mountain option)
► Overnight in Alishan

Type of accommodations available: Guo hotel, inside the National Park or at Applause in the mountain B&B.
Meals: Breakfast & hot pot dinner ( only with Applause in the mountain  )
Guide & transportation: English speaking licensed guide & private car/van.


Day 7

Alishan - Chayi ( High speed train to ) Kaohsiung

► Meeting with the English speaking licensed guide/driver
► Early in the morning ( around 4.00am) you will take the Alishan Mountain Railway to Zhushan Station and witness one of the famous sunrises. (Tickets not included, please pay for your guide.)
With the guide you will then have a walk at the Alishan Forest Recreation Area and meet the thousand year old Taiwan cypress tree. (not suitable for wheelchair or for people with mobility issues)

► Back to the hotel and breakfast;
► After Breakfast, transfer by private van to Chiayi High speed train station.
Your guide will also suggest some stops along the road; there are several train stations with small villages and old street markets as well as stunning plantations tea. 
► High speed train to Chiayi ( transfer to hotel not provided – Uber or taxi ) 
► Overnight in Kaohsiung, central located 

Type of accommodations available: 4* or 5* hotel
Meals: Breakfast
Guide & transportation:
– English speaking licensed guide & private car/van till Chiayi; 
– High speed train ticket Chiayi – Kaohsiung ( 2nd class )


Day 8


Breakfast at the hotel

► Today you can decide to visit Kaohsiung by yourself or take a guide/ driver for the full day visit Kaohsiung and the surroundings: ( Sample itinerary, the order of the visits can change )

What to do in Kaohsiung in 1 day?

⇒ The British Consulate at Takow: built in 1867, it is the most antique western-style modern architecture as well as the first British Consulate in Taiwan. Shoushan, the “love” Deck from where you will enjoy the spectacular view of the city.

⇒ Kaohsiung Rose Basilica, designed in a Gothic style., was rebuilt in 1928 and is the largest cathedral in Taiwan and one of the 3 cathedrals in Asia.

⇒ Formosa Boulevard Station was rated second most beautiful subway stops in the world. The real treasure is underground — the 2,180-square-meter Dome of Light, a glass mural built into the ceiling of the station. The colorful ceiling was created by American-Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata. It’s the largest such glass installation in the world.

⇒ Lotus Pond is an artificial lake, ended in 1951, it is – as you can guess from the name – famous for the lotus plants!

Lotus Pond, only 5 Km from the city center, it can take around 2 to 3 hours to walk all around the lake. The most interesting thing about the pond is that there are more than twenty temples worshiping different deities around the lake. Among the temples, one of the main attractions is the Dragon and Tiger pagodas.

⇒ Dragon and Tiger Pagodas: The name comes form the the 2 buildings represented a dragon and tiger. Visitors enter the towers through the statues’ bodies. Entering the dragon’s mouth and exiting via the tiger’s mouth is believed to be auspicious. The towers are connected to the shore with a 9-angle bridge (九曲橋).

⇒ Cijin or Qijin Island: Cijin or Qijin Island is a small and narrow island about 10-15 minutes away by ferry from Kaohsiung harbor.

Here you will have some time to explore this little island. There are many bike rental shops on Cijin Island but you can rent or just take a drink in one of the bars on the beach and relax on the quiet Black Sand Beach.

If instead you want to visit the island with your bike don’t miss the Chi Jin Mazu or Tianhou Temple, one of Cijin Island’s foremost attractions. Opened in 1673, it’s Kaohsiung’s very first temple dedicated to Mazu, the Chinese goddess of the sea. Cihou Lighthouse and Cihou Fort are both offering great views of the ocean and island and a nice spot to take pictures. The colorful Rainbow Church – which is actually not a place of worship – is also a nice spot to take some photos due to its colorful architecture, it is located at Cijin Seaside Park.

Dinner in the city and overnight in Kaohsiung. 
Type of accommodations available: 4* or 5* hotel, central located,
Meals: Breakfast.
Guide & transportation:
– English speaking licensed guide & private car/van
ON REQUEST, not included in the quotation.

Day 9

Kaohsiung ( end of the itinerary )

Breakfast at the hotel.

High speed train to Taipei  or other destinations. 
We do suggest to continue your trip towards Xialioqiu and Kenting. Or take the ferry or the plane to Penghu.
You can also spend 1 day in Taichung on the way back to Taipei.

price and info

Minimum 2  – max 6 persons
Price per person: TWD 58.500 

Price includes:

– Private transfer from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei hotel.
– 5 days van ( 8 seats/VW ) with  pick up in Taipei and drop off in Chiayi or Taichung
– 5 days licensed English speaking guide & all his/her expenses ( including fuel, meals, overnight … )
– High speed train tickets from Chiayi to Taoyuan Airort,second class.

Hotels – 8 nights in double with breakfast
– 2 nights in a 4* hotel in Taipei, central located
– 1 night in Hualien: Crossing the bridge ( or similar if not available ) 
– 1 night in at Margaret Garden Villa or similar
– 1 night in Sun Moon lake at Doris Home B&B  
– 1 night in Alishan Guo hotel or ( inside the National Park ) or Applause in the mountain ( outside the park, so no mountain train, but very nice location and place, we do suggest this option if you prefer less crowded places out of the touristic tracks.)
– 2 nights in a 4* or 5* hotel in Kaohsiung, central located.

– Parking fee in Alishan National Park x 1 van
– 2/3 hours night market walking tour with Licensed speaking guide.
– Liability Insurance

Not included:

Entrance tickets:

Alishan Entrance Fees per person : TWD 330
– Round trip Alishan trains tickets per person:                  
► Chushan Line:  Single-Adult NT$150
► Senmu Line: Single-Adult NT$100
► Zhaoping Line:  Single-Adult NT$100

Sun Moon Lake activities:
– Renting bike from 150TWD
– Sun Moon lake Ropeway: TWD 300 per person
– Parking fees ( Gondola parking ): TWD 100


  • Guests canceling at any point up to 31 days prior to this tour’s starting date will receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations made between 30 and 15 days prior to departure will receive a 70% refund.
  • Cancellations made between 14 and 7 days prior to departure will receive a 50% refund;
  • Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to departure are non-refundable.
  • There will be a 100% charge for no-shows.

useful information:


  • Price will be reconfirmed for the dates you will request and for the number of participants and type of accommodation.
  • To confirm the reservation a deposit of 30% is required, final payment has to be done at least one week before the tour starts.
  • Due to the very limited space, we suggest to book this tour as earlier as possible.


– Our guide/drivers are official licensed authorized guide. They drive carefully and they know the territory.
– Guide/Driver and car are available for 8 hours a day. 
– Guide/Driver can decide to change the itinerary in case of emergency as well as you can also decide to change or stop longer or skip one destination.

Request price & availability



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