Taiwan is an awesome choice for a family vacation.
 What makes Taiwan so suitable for traveling with kids?
Best kid-friendly hotels, incredible hospitality, cleanliness, kid-friendly attractions, safety, theme restaurants, kids friendly museums, children’s area, farm’s experience, amusement parks, street’s art and there is even a cat village!
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Street's art
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Street's art
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Animal experiences
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Kids can learn about nature while exploring forests, wetlands, and botanical gardens in Taiwan, pick up fruits and veggies in a farm and learn how to make jam, appreciate colors walking through cartoon themed painted streets or villages, see animals in the wild or at the zoo, enjoy slides in the best kid’s friendly hotels, discover food in funny themed restaurants, have fun in themed parks or learn about the territory with DIY activities suitable for kids.

Museums are also very kid-oriented, and even the Earthquake museums offer interactive activities and videos for kids that can be valuable educational experiences. Not to mention that you can sleep inside the aquarium in Kenting.

With kids, it is best to visit Taiwan in the cooler months! It’s a great time to visit Taiwan from April to June and September to November and Taiwan’s mild winters mean that winter is a good time to visit too.

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” There’s a pop classic in Taiwan called “Grandma’s ­Penghu Bay.” The lyrics speak of the gentle even­ing breezes that waft over ­Penghu Bay, the white-capped breakers and sundrenched beaches, and of course the sea of blue, so blue. The ­Penghu Islands attract tens of thousands of tourists annually, especially during the Ocean Fireworks Festival, and most can’t help but start singing “Grandma’s ­Penghu Bay” to themselves.”

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What to do in Kenting

Kenting is known for its white-sand beaches, caves, coral reefs and mountains, situated at the southern tip of Taiwan, Kenting is a popular destination among locals and international travelers year-round.
Here some fun activities to do in Kenting!

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Driving in Taiwan

Explore Taiwan on your terms with the freedom of a rental car. Discover hidden gems, scenic drives and cultural treasures as you embark on an unforgettable journey through this beautiful island. Renting a car in Taiwan opens up endless possibilities for exploration and adventure. Buckle up and get ready to create your own unique travel experience.

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