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From NTD $ 3.500

Indulge in a lazy cat-themed vacation! This cozy guesthouse offers the perfect atmosphere to relax with furry feline friends.

Bring your own cats along for a memorable family trip, or cozy up on the sofa with the friendly resident cats. Plus, with its convenient location just a 5-minute walk to the Shuishe Visitor Center bus stop and a 10-minute walk to Shuishe pier, you’ll have easy access to all the local attractions.

Take advantage of the nearby bicycle trails and capture unforgettable moments with your cat companions. Don’t miss out on the chance to embrace your inner cat person and enjoy a comfortable stay at DORIS HOME.

The definition of home is never just a room for an overnight stay, but a taste of life in the overall environment, where you can enjoy the comfort of home, as well as a relaxed mood.
♦ Bubble XL Room

You have been hunger for a laid back vacation for a long time. A boutique room in a soft tone, a relaxing bathtub beside a big balcony could complete your craving. Bubble XL Room is the biggest room in DORIS HOME and it realizes almost everything. You could admire the hill and sky when you lie down and you could enjoy the beautiful stars when you chill out at the balcony. We only have one room with this layout. Book this top-sell room and top-up your best memory.

♦ Bubble Room

Imagine a beautiful hill standing in front of your big windows and a bright sky above, you could take a comfortable bath and enjoy a chilling atmosphere here. Bubble Room is set to provide you a superb vacation in Sun Moon Lake. The bathtub is in an open-concept space and it is suitable for a couple or good friends.

♦ Doris Room

The classic room never goes out of style. Doris Room resembles the spirit of this b&b and provides a cozy easy space for the guests who want to chill out. Except lie-down for a nap, the big couch is also available to add an extra mattress so that you could book the room for 3 pax.

♦ Doris Room Special

The special edition is for special guests traveling with cats. There is a wall-mounted cat tree and we also provide a cat-friendly environment in the room. Except you could relax with a comfortable bed, your cats could also enjoy fun designs everywhere in the room. You are also welcome even with small dogs or without any pets.

♦ Kitten Room

Get a standard room but earn a big imagination! Kitten Room has a lively design for you to enjoy your vacation in a good spirits.

Please kindly notice the policy below before you make a reservation:

This B&B only accept guests above 12 years old. This B&B only accept group-guests less than 8 people.
Please contact us in advance if you’ll travel here with your dogs or cats, ONLY some rooms are open for pets so MUST talk with us BEFORE you book it if you have pets along.
Please volume down anytime when you are in the house.
Please make sure that you and your partners are not allergic with cats or dogs.

OUR RATE: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

A boutique b&b for a perfect stay, no matter you like cats or not!

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