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" Hot springs, the hot tears of the earth, are one of the most precious gifts that the earth has given to us."

Relax and rejuvenate with our tour to calm your mind and awaken your soul!
Take the stress away from your next wellbeing break. Experience the Taiwanese natural beauty from a different perspective. These natural resources have long been recognized for their rejuvenating and therapeutic properties.

Taiwan is ranked among the world’s top 15 hot spring sites, with a wide variety of springs, including hot springs, cold springs, mud springs, and seabed hot springs.

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Taiwan is home to several of the best spas, century-old massage techniques, wellness retreats, acupuncture and detox treatments. There are many places where you can enjoy natural SPA and hot spring or just enjoy the hotel facilities.

Escape daily stress, free your mind, body, soul and rejuvenate yourself,  combine a cultural experience journey through some of the most peaceful and spiritual destinations in the world.

You can enjoy meditation, visit beautiful gardens and mountains, yoga in the morning. You’ll also taste local cuisine in the best restaurants and learn the art of balance between yin and yang in your daily meal. You’ll indulge in some hot stone massage and rejuvenate with hydrotherapy, mud masks, and facials.
End your day in a SPA or with a massage. What else do you need to treat yourself? 

Our relax & wellness packages



Green Island

2 days | Green Island Dark Tour

Learn about the dark history of Green Island; Green Island first served as an isolated spot and place of exile for political prisoners during the martial law period during the Kuomintang government, and especially in the White Terror. In 2001, the Taiwan government opened the Green Island Human Rights Culture Park to commemorate those who had fought for Taiwan’s freedom, democracy and human rights.

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National Golf Country Club (NGCC)

6 days: Visit Taiwan & play golf

Enjoy this 6 days of golf and visits!
Taiwan is a mountainous island and most of its golf courses are built on mountain slopes or hills. Diverse landscape to enhance the pleasure of golfing and variety of skills needed.

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golf, sunset, sport-1758094.jpg

Golf in Taiwan

“Most avid golfers believe that there is a profound connection between the joys and challenges of golf and the joys and challenges of living—that the more devoted we are to the game, the more we learn about ourselves.”
Passion for Golf, Roland Merull

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Orchid Island

Orchid Island

A volcanic island – formed of magma erupting, has preserved its indigenous culture more than anywhere else in the country. visiting may also be one of the most rewarding and memorable things to do in Taiwan.

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taipei taiwan, city night view, reflection-2115887.jpg

8 days: Best of Taiwan

8 Full days to explore the beauty of Taiwan. Licensed English speaking guide/driver: Taipei, Hualien; Taroko,:, Sun Moon lake, Alishan, Tainan and Kaohsiung.

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