3 days: Tea Culture Trip ( Sun Moon lake & Alishan )

Capture breathtaking views of endless rows of green mountains and terraced tea plantations!

Itinerary Features

Sun Moon lake & Alishan

Many Taiwanese teas have been transplanted from China, but with a new terroir they take on new characteristics and some varieties have been developed only in Taiwan.
Typically, they are named after the place where they are grown, for example, Alishan High Mountain Tea comes from the area around Ali Mountain.  In the past till nowadays tea is used as a beverage but was also considered to be a sort of food with medicinal properties. Especially used by the aboriginal inhabitants as a medicinal plant.

Taiwan tea has a history of more than 200 years and has produced many famous teas which have their own character.  Taiwan also has their own top ten most famous tea; Dongding Oolong, Wenshan Bau Jong Oolong, Oriental Beauty, Songbai Changqing Cha, Alishan Zhulucha, Taiwan high mountain tea, Sun-Moon Lake black tea, Muzha tie guan yin, Sanxia Dragon well and Longquancha.

Taiwan is known for some of the finest teas in the world, particularly in the Oolong Tea category and produces an impressive 20% of the whole world production.  

Selected hotel accommodation| Room Type

5* Hotel: The Lalu ( Sun Moon lake )

Descriptions |Located on Sun Moon Lake’s Lalu Peninsula, the historic Lalu offers luxurious 5-star villas with panoramic views of the lake. Inspired by a Chinese poem, the elegant suites come with modern interiors and large bay windows. All units have a separate living area and a private balcony. 

At the resort, guests can take a dip in the largest swimming pool in Taiwan, or relax with a body massage at the spa.

The Lalu Sun Moon Lake is without any doubt one of the most wonderful hotel in Taiwan.

►Hotel 4* : Fleur de Chine ( Sun Moon Lake ) & Alishan House ( Alishan )

Descriptions |With a distinctive style in its building structure, creating an aesthetic atmosphere by the integration of nature and simplicity with the surroundings. Extending the indoor space to outdoors, every corner of the hotel is infused with the beautiful landscape of Sun Moon Lake.  Fleur de Chine has 211 rooms. There are six restaurants providing a wide range of cuisines. 

In 2016, TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice selected Fleur de Chine as Top Hotels in Taiwan. In 2015, Fleur de Chine was selected by the Global Views magazine as Taiwan’s Top Leisure Hotel and received the World Luxury Hotel Awards as well as the Luxury Rooftop View Hotel.

► hotel 3* or B&B 

 Descriptions | A choice of amazing selected B&B immersed in the nature.
Our selection of 3* and B&B includes  simple but clean and cozy places with lake view or immerse in the tranquility.

Day 1

Taichung /Chayi - Sun Moon Lake

In the morning you will take the train from Taipei/Kaohsiung/Tainan to Taichung with the  High Speed Railway train. This tour starts from Taichung or Chayi HSR Railway station. 

Once arrived in Taichung or Chayi train station, you will meet with your English speaking licensed guide and transfer by private van to Sun Moon Lake.

On the way to Sun Moon Lake, it will be possible to stop at the 921 Earthquake Museum; you can decide directly on that day together with your guide.
Visit a tea house and learn how the tea is cultivated and served.
Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s major Assam black tea production area.  In December of 1925, during the Japanese occupation, the Japanese imported tea seeds from Assam Province in India, and attempted to cultivate it in the Sun Moon Lake area’s Yuchi Township. This experiment proved to have outstanding results, and was then promoted extensively, becoming the most famous of Sun Moon Lake’s special teas.
Tea cultivation in the Sun Moon Lake area dates back to the Qing Dynasty (17-1800’s) when Chinese settlers began cultivating the naturally occurring wild tea tree. In the early 1900’s, the Japanese colonists developed large scale Black Tea production using the Assam strain here, following the British model in India.

Lunch will be on the way (not included in the quotation). Your guide will suggest some places on the way.
Dinner free, not included
Overnight in Sun Moon lake.

Day 2

Sun Moon Lake - Alishan

In the morning you and your guide will continue the visit of the area of Sun Moon Lake and after lunch you will be transferred to Alishan.

On the way to Sun Moon Lake, visit the Lugu Area; home of Dong Ding Oolong Tea that has a reputation of being one of the finest oolongs in the world.

Alishan; famous for its high-mountain oolong tea; Taiwan’s oolong teas are so good that they have been described as the “champagne of tea.”

On the way to Alishan stop in some beautiful viewpoints and at the Elephant Mountain National Scenic area to learn about tea culture and to enjoy the magnificent view.
 Your guide will also suggest some stops along the road; there are several train stations with small villages and old street markets as well as stunning plantations tea.  
Overnight in Alishan

Day 3

Alishan to Chiayi or Taichung ( HSR )

Early in the morning you will take the Alishan Mountain Railway to Zhushan Station and witness one of the famous sunrises. (Tickets not included, please pay for your guide)

With the guide you will have a walk at the Alishan Forest Recreation Area and meet the thousand year old Taiwan cypress tree.

Discover the Alishan Tea, the Champagne of Taiwan Oolongs!  The oolong tea growing areas are situated between 1000 and 2300 meters in attitude. The high mountain conditions offer plenty of fog and low temperatures which are ideal for oolong tea and the water used for irrigation is from pure mountain springs. Explore one of the tea house in the mountain, taste the tea and learn about the process and the mountain culture in Taiwan.

Transfer by private van to Chayi or Taichung.


Starting from TWD 17.500 / min 2 persons / in B&B or 3* hotel
Price will includes:
  • 3 Days Private Car or Van;
  • Licensed English speaking driver or guide/ Driver available up to 9 hours per day;
  • 1 Overnights in Hotel in Sun Moon lake and Alishan in a double room with breakfast;
  • Driver/guide expenses ( meals & overnight ); 
  • Fuel, freeway fee, parking;
  • Insurance
Price does not includes:
  • Anything not mentioned in the “price includes”;
  • Train ticket from Taipei or Kaohsiung to Chiayi; 
  • Single room supplement.


  • Tipping is generally not expected in Taiwan; however it is always appreciated to tip and shows your gratitude for a quality service.
  • To confirm the reservation a deposit of 30% is required, final payment has to be done at least one week before the tour starts.
  • Due to the very limited hotel choice of 4* hotel in Sun Moon lake and Alishan National Park, we suggest to book this tour as earlier as possible.
  • These prices are not valid during High season and National holidays.

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