3-Day Tour

Sun Moon lake

3 days: visit Sun Moon lake & Alishan

Embark on an unforgettable 3-day journey through Taiwan’s scenic wonders, exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Sun Moon Lake and Alishan. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and cultural heritage of these iconic destinations with our carefully customized tour.

Indigenous Taiwan

3 days | Indigenous tour from Taichung: Rinari & Shenshan Community

This is NOT a tour, this is a real experience inside the indigenous community in Taiwan.
You will travel along with expert guides authorized and recognized inside the indigenous tribes in Taiwan. You will be part of the community and interact with the locals during the daily activities.
Real experiences made easy.

Green Island

3 days | Green Island Ecological Tour

Learn about Green Island through all the activities offered in this 3 days
tour: Hermit Crab Housing Experience, Night Ecological Observation, hand-made peanut candy/peanut tofu, Snorkeling Ecological Experience and fishing.

Sun Moon Lake Fleur de Chine

3 days: Sun Moon lake – Disconnect to reconnect

Disconnect to reconnect: it says it all.
Relax, enjoy the food, spoil yourself at the SPA, explore Sun Moon Lake on a bike or watch the sunrise with a SUP session. Take a moment for yourself and your family.