4 reasons to visit Kinmen: stunning architecture, extraordinary nature fascinating military history and tasty food. If you are a history nerd or just curious about the story of Taiwan, Kinmen is one of the place to visit.

about kinmen

Kinmen is an island governed by Taiwan, which is located just off the southeastern coast of mainland China. It has a large number of traditional Min style buildings and military sites that are open to tourists. Kinmen has traditionally been a gateway from mainland China to Taiwan . It has been the basis of many Chinese emigrants and of Chen Chenggong’s resistance to the Qing dynasty and military campaign to Taiwan to oust the Dutch.
That is the reason why Kinmen is rich in history, indeed reminders of the military past are everywhere. Look carefully in villages, and you’ll spot entrances to tunnels, shelter and holes of bombing.

Kinmen is well known because of the number of cultural products too: one of these is its artillery shell knives.
Local artisans would collect the vast amounts of exploded ordnance and make high-quality knives which are still sought after by chefs and connoisseurs.

Kinmen is also home of the regionally famous Kinmen Kaoliang liquor, a spirit ranging between 38 and 63 percent alcohol, which is highly appreciated by Taiwanese people.

what to do in kinmen

Kinmen County has 2 populated islands, both well-worth visiting: the main island called Kinmen, and Little Kinmen. They’re a 10-min ferry ride apart. A 3rd island called Dadan, small and unpopulated but with an interesting military history, opened to tourists only in 2019.

  • Zhaishan Tunnel 
  • Kinmen Military Headquarters of the Qing Dynasty
  • Juguang Tower
  • Shanhou Folk Culture Village
  • Shuitou Village
  • Deyue Tower
  • Mofan Street
  • Mashan Broadcasting and Observation Station

How to go and get around


Flights operate from Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Tainan, Chiayi, Penghu.
Please note that some flights had been temporarily suspended.


in Kinmen, beside taxis and busses, you can also consider to rent a bicycle or a scooter.
– Rent a Bike: At least two bike shops in Jincheng rent bicycles for NT$300/day.
– Rent a scooter: You can chose 3 different kinds of scooters: electric (not needing any kind of driving license), electric (needing an international driving license) and conventional non-electric scooters (needing an international driving license). The costs range from NT$300/day to NT$800-1000/day for the different kinds of scooters
– Rent a car or a van:
You need an international drivers’ license to rent a car on Kinmen. There are several car rental agencies, all at about the same price of NT$1600-1800/day.




1 Day Tour: Hakka Cultural Tour

This tour will lead you to the discover of the indigenous world and its culture in Taiwan. You will meet the Atayal Tribe ( the meaning of Atayal :”genuine person” or “brave man”) which is the third world largest tribal group and the Saisyat Tribe.

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cherry blossoms, flowers, trees-7136163.jpg

2 days: Sakura blossom in Alishan ( travelling off the beaten path )

This tour is made for those who like to spend a weekend dive in nature. It includes an English speaking driver guide, private car or van accommodation and special meals.
This tour starts from Taichung or Chiayi HSR Train Station.

The Alishan National Scenic Area is a mountain resort in Chiayi County, famous for the sunrise and the “clouds ocean”, a dense and thick sea of clouds.
It is 415 km² in area, the main recreation site is situated at about 2,200 meters above sea level.

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Kenting is known for its white-sand beaches, caves, coral reefs and mountains, situated at the southern tip of Taiwan, Kenting is a popular destination among locals and international travelers year-round.
Kenting is a top destination in Taiwan with white beaches, beautiful hiking trails, water activities and breathtaking nature.

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