1 Day Tour: Hakka Cultural Tour

This tour will lead you to the discover of the indigenous world and its culture in Taiwan. You will meet the Atayal Tribe ( the meaning of Atayal :"genuine person" or "brave man") which is the third world largest tribal group and the Saisyat Tribe.


  Duration: one day (from 8 am to 7 pm)
  Meeting Point : Taichung (TBD )
  Meeting Time : 8 am
  Languages ​​​​​​​​: English

    – 8.00 am meet in Taichung 10 am Arrival in Xiangtianhu;
    – 10:00 am-11:45 am Visit the Saisiyat Cultural Hall Walk the nature trail that goes around the lake and into the Xiangtianhu Community ;
    – 12:15 pm- 1:15 pm Lunch (indigenous-themed cuisine)
    – 1:15 pm-3:15 pm Raisinay Weaving and Dyeing Workshop
    – 3:30 pm-4:15 pm Donghe Suspension Bridge and Walo Cultural Hall
    – 4:30 pm-5 :15 pm Nanzhuang Old Street;
    – 5:15 pm Depart for Taichung:
    – 7:00 pm Arrive Taichung.


Nanzhuang Township

Nanzhuang Township is nestled in the hills of Miaoli County. It possesses a diversity of cultures, including communities of the Hakka and indigenous Atayal and Saisiyat peoples.

Its natural landscapes include hillside forests, lake and crystal-clear rivers. The Atayal tribe is mostly found in northern and central Taiwan along both sides of the Central Mountain Range. It has a population of about 80,000, and the largest distribution among the indigenous tribes of Taiwan.

The Atayal women are excellent weavers. The Atayal are also well known for their tradition of facial tattooing.
In the past, males that proved themselves in battle and females with outstanding weaving skills could receive these tattoos, which were a symbol of adulthood and eligibility for marriage.


The Saisiyat tribe

The Saisiyat tribe currently has a population of about 5,600 concentrated in the mountains of Miaoli and Hsinchu counties. The Saisiyat’s most important ceremony is the Dwarf Spirit Ceremony (pasta’ay).
According to tribal legend, a people who were described as short in stature with dark skin lived next to the Saisiyat. They taught the Saisiyat how to improve their agricultural techniques and their crops flourished. However, the males would often harass the Saisiyat women, infuriating the Saisiyat men. One day the Saisiyat men killed off all of these people except for an elderly couple who foretold of future crop failures. To appease their spirits, the surviving couple taught the Saisiyat the songs of the Dwarf Spirit Ceremony. This ceremony is held once every two years, over several successive nights.The first Hakka people arrived in Taiwan more than three centuries ago and tended to congregate in hilly areas where they carried out farming. In Nanzhuang, the Hakka were attracted by the camphor harvesting, forestry and coal mining industries that once prospered here. The Hakka planted many tong trees, which produce picturesque white blossoms in May.


Info & prices

Price per person:

Price per person with 2 participants: TWD 7.400
Price per person with 3 participants: TWD 5.500
Price per person with 4 participants: TWD 4.500
Price per person with 5 participants: TWD 3.900
Price per person with 6 participants: TWD 3.600
Price per person with 7 participants: TWD 3.300
Price per person with 8 participants: TWD 3.000
Form more participants please contact us

Price includes:

1. 9-seater luxury car/van transportations and driver tips or 20 seats minibus & private driver
2. Liability insurance; 
3. Professional English speaking licensed guide specialized in Indigenous tribe in Taiwan.
4. Lunch (indigenous-themed cuisine)
Raisinay Weaving and Dyeing Workshop
6. Entrance tickets 
Saisiyat Cultural Hall 

Price does not include:

1. Personal extra consumption, such as drinks, snacks, souvenirs…
2. Expenses for attractions/activities not specified in this itinerary;


1. Price of the hotel might change during holidays or special occasion.
2. The above itinerary is a reference for the outline of the travel theme. The itinerary details ight change and can be modified following the special requests of our clients
3. If you have special needs, such as special meals (vegetarian,, children’s meals) please inform us to allow us the make the most suitable itinerary for you.

This tour is made in collaboration with Tribe Asia



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