Green Island

3 days | Green Island Ecological Tour

Learn about Green Island through all the activities offered in this 3 days tour: Hermit Crab Housing Experience, Night Ecological Observation, hand-made peanut candy/peanut tofu, Snorkeling Ecological Experience and fishing.

Selected hotel accommodation| Room Type

There are several B&B, hotel and homestay around the island, these ones are selected by our local correspond, simple but great and clean. Most important these structures are sustainability and committed to respect the environment.


► B&B Green Island Xingyuewu Resort

► B&B Green Island Blue Bay Homestay

► B&B Dawn Valley

Hotels & homestay:

► Blue Bay Homestay

► Xingyue House Resort

Kaixin Hotel

► Love Burning Island Homestay

Sunshine all the time

► Jinghua Homestay



Our suggestions: 

►Hotel Hijau 

Descriptions |
An elegant residence where humans and nature coexist in the ecologically rich island.
In the leisurely blue scenery, they provide intimate and delicate honorable services, and create a top luxury holiday exclusive to the island with unique taste.
It provides elegant   rooms with minimalist cabinets, spacious and bright bathrooms, elegant bathtubs and most of them with ocean view.

Day 1

Taitung - Green Island

► In the morning ferry to Green Island: Ride the wind and waves! Estimated departure time 09.00 am. Make sure you will arrive at Taitung harbor on time.

From Taitung Station it takes about 20 minutes by car to Fugang Fishing Port.

Discover the island with your scooter or enjoy some water activities;

Hermit Crab Housing Tour: Hermit crabs are the coastal residents of Green Island. Many human factors lead to natural ecological imbalances, and crabs are facing the dilemma of no shells. Help crabs to find their home!

  • 16:20 meeting with tour leader and  pre-event instructions 
  • Engraving the shell with an engraving pen.
  • Write postcards
  • Place the snail shell in the activity area of the hermit crab, and wait for the night to come until the hermit crab will  find a new home.

► Lunch & Dinner (not included )

► After dinner|Night Ecological Observation (according to B&B announcements )  or try the world’s unique underwater hot spring│Asahi Hot Spring (Not included and optional) 

► Overnight in  B&B or hotel

Green Island Hermit Crab
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Day 2

Green Island

Enjoy breakfast at the B&B;

Experience hand-made peanut candy/peanut tofu:  Meeting time: 09:00 every day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday reservations are available from October to May in the off-season, and Tuesdays on public holidays from June to September in the peak season.)
Activity time: 60 minutes, peanut tofu takes 90 minutes; it will take some time to press the tofu, it is recommended to go to Human Rights Park during the free time.

Lunch|Slow Food Green Island (not included)

At 13.50, dancing with the Sea! Friendly
Snorkeling Ecological  Experience:
Green Island has rich marine resources and world-class diving landscapes. We plan the Green Island snorkeling experience adhering to the sustainable management method of friendly oceans,. Professional instructors will explain the delicate marine ecology and teach how to wear equipment correctly. Feeding fishes is forbidden.  After snorkeling enjoy some local snacks and drinks.

►  Ready to go fishing ?! Prepare to board on a fishing boat in the evening, remember to eat a small snack before departure, otherwise you will be too hungry because it’s no jokes here! Tuna, bonito, and small tube are the targets!  
Meeting time: 17:00 every day. Activity duration is about 150 minutes.

► Overnight in  B&B or hotel


Day 3

Green Island - Taitung

► Enjoy breakfast at the B&B;

► Free activities|Say bye bye to Green Island, enjoy a ride on your scooter or the beach.

► After Lunch ( not included ) around 14.00, ferry back  to Taitung.

If you want to spend more nights in Green Island, please do contact us for price and availability. 

Flying to Green Island from Taitung is also an option.

Green Island

important Notes:

  • Please note that English is not always spoken around the island. If you need an English speaking guide please do let us know. 
  • Please remember to bring your personal documents (identity card/health insurance card/passport/certificate of physical and mental disabilities), and a motorcycle driver’s license which is required to rent some type of scooter.
  • Please bring your own environmentally friendly tableware and water bottles, as well as toiletries and bath towels.
  • Remember to make sure that the sunscreen is full, but in order to protect the ocean, do not abuse and apply it one hour before engaging in the water activities.
  • ​The weather changes quickly and there is a temperature difference between day and night; tt is recommended to bring a jacket.
  • Please remember to bring a swimsuit, swimming cap, slippers, which are required when diving, snorkeling or in the hot springs.
  • We can provide some assistance to people with limited mobility (wheelchairs, etc.) services, and help with barrier-free taxis.
  • If you have special diets or vegetarians, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will help you arrange exclusive meals.
  • In case of force majeure, the company reserves the right to change the flight schedule of hotels, airlines of the same level, means of transportation or travel methods.
  • If the ferry is cancelled due to natural disasters such as typhoons or earthquakes or force majeure factors, or the Central Meteorological Bureau issues a marine typhoon warning, it can be postponed or refunded.



2 pax in double or twin room  |starting from $ 4,580 on weekdays / $ 6,880 on holidays
4 pax in quadruple room |starting from $5,380 on weekdays / $ 5,680 on holidays


2 pax in double or twin room  |starting from $ 11,580 on weekdays / $ 11,880 on holidays
4 pax in quadruple room |starting from $ 10.880 on weekdays / $ 10,680 on holidays

Price includes:
  • Taitung-Green Island round-trip ferry ticket
  • Scooter in Green Island (2 people and 1 vehicle should not be overloaded, please bring the driver’s license)
  • Low-carbon homestay for double/quadruple top suite (with breakfast) 
  • Friendly snorkeling experience activities (instructor, equipment rental)
  • Hermit crab housing experience activities
  • Ecological night observation
  • Travel liability insurance 2
Price does not includes:
  • Meals and personal consumption;
  • Personal travel insurance;
  • Transportation on the island ( but scooter is included ).


  • To confirm the reservation a deposit of 30% is required, final payment has to be done at least one week before the tour starts.
  • These prices are not valid during High season and National holidays.

Request price & availability



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