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EXPERIENCE – Taichung (Puli) – DIY: handmade paper and crafts workshop

NTD $200

Taiwan Paper (Guangxing Paper Mill) is located in Nantou’s Puli Township. It is a paper mill that combines both paper preservation and tourism purposes. Built in 1969 it is the only manufacturer in Taiwan that still produces completely handmade paper.


Here some of the DIY workshops available:
– Hand-made paper making;
– Handprint fan making;
– Folding fan;
– Flower lamp set.

Duration: 60 – 90 – 120 – 150 minutes

Prices for DIY activities vary from 200 to 400 TWD, please contact us for quotation and reservation.
Visits and DIY workshops must be booked in advance.


Through a series of activities, visitors will have a chance to experience how to make paper from scratch, folder fans and paper lamp.
The paper production industry of Puli initiated during Japanese colony in 1935. Japanese discovered the advantageous environment for producing paper and especially the water quality of Puli was pure and very suitable to produce high-quality “paper” so they start building factories. In 1970, the paper production in Puli developed rapidly as the economy grew in Taiwan. Factories were quite a lot and handmade paper started to be exported to nearby counties such as Japan and Korea. The paper production reached its peak between 1980 and 1990. There were more than 50 factories in Puli providing handmade paper to Japan and all over southeastern Asia. After 1990, a number of factors including lack of skilled workers, rising wages and difficulty to access raw materials and deforestation, led to many paper factories having to close.

In 1994 a proposal was made to develop traditional industries and tourism. Old factories set up galleries to exhibit art works of paper. In addition, they present the procedure of paper production and introduce the ingredients to visitors.

Besides changing the approach, factories have been improving their techniques, for example the Guangxing Paper Studio develops recycled paper made of water bamboo’s skin raising the awareness of environmental protection and recycled paper made of grass has become a trend all over the area.

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