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EXPERIENCE – Hualien: Malasang hunter school

NTD $1.000 / per person

An introduction to the local aboriginal hunter culture: you will experience the way of life of the aborigines in Eastern Taiwan and understand better their culture.
Several activities are offered inside the village: the art of archery and arch competition, how to use bamboo as a utensil and make a bamboo rice stick yourself. You will also see all kinds of hunter traps and their evolution from traditional to modern. The hunters will introduce their culture and wisdom of fishing and explain the traditional architecture.  After the archery competition, it is time to enjoy some small food, including the bamboo rice stick you made and some local vegetables …  but you will need to make a fire yourself, indeed, making a fire is a skill that any hunter has to know! At the end of the visit you can also wear the most authentic Amis traditional costumes to take a picture.

Please note that the language spoken inside the village is Chinese, although foreigner visitors are very welcome and they will do their best to communicate.