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EXPERIENCE – Hualien: Aboriginal cooking class

NTD $1.450

This class will be done from the beautiful town of Hualien on the east-coast of marvelous Taiwan. The east-coast is famous for its indigenous culture, which also includes the different tribes’ food culture styles and traditional plants. If you ever wanted to bring home some special knowledge about local, aboriginal culture – here you go! They will show you how to prepare traditional food and drinks like the locals. You’ll be taught how to prepare your own traditional food under the guidance of professional hosts – and, you’ll make new friends along the way. Please be welcome to join in on the fun!

Morning sessions starts at 10.30 ( lunch will be around 12.00/12.30 ) and ends around 13.00/13.30.
Afternoon sessions will start at 15.30 ( dinner will be around 18.00/18.30 ) and ends around 19.30.
Fresh Ingredients

The secret to a happy and healthy, traditional cuisine is to use fresh ingredients. Right besides the cooking classes venue, they operate a cute, little garden which they use to grow their own vegetables and spices. Everything else that they need for the classes, they go gather at local food markets around Hualien early in the mornings. This way they can guarantee that their food is always fresh, and as an extra they support the local communities along the way.

When the group arrives at their premises, they will show you around the garden first. This way, you’ll get a good feeling for what’s important in aboriginal food culture and about how to grow certain plants. They don’t keep animals themselves, so they buy meats from the local, aboriginal butcher and buy the fish fresh off the boats at Qixingtan Beach fishing village.

Locally sourced

They source their fresh ingredients from local markets around town. There’s a morning market and one that goes on a bit longer until the evening. On request, they take our group to the markets and show them around. If you’re interested in this ‘Market-Tour’ you’ll learn where to find the best ingredients, and what other special food is available on the east coast of Taiwan.

They have got a few special, local treats for you – such as their original, hand-made plum liquor and rice wine. Please enjoy a glass of each together with your meal after the cooking class. Availability depends on the season.

They operate together with local businesses such as family-run restaurants of their friends on Hualien’s night market, or local adventure companies for day tours and special experiences. Please be sure to check out their friends, too, while you’re around.

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