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TAICHUNG: ( Glamping) Nayang Beach Resort

From NTD $ 4.200 per tent ( 2 persons )

Extraordinary accommodation experience, a camping holiday paradise where you sleep while listening to the sound of the sea! Located in the well-known Daan Seaside Park in Taichung, next to the sea, the glamping area “Hai Na Yang” with a vast sandy beach is the first seaside glamping area in Taiwan. It faces the sea and connects the surrounding ecological parks in Daan. All the way to the Gaomei Wetland in the south, the facilities of the five-star hotel have all been moved to the wild, allowing everyone to enjoy the entire Taichung Sea Line.
It is very suitable for the whole family and couples. When visiting the site, visitors will feel refreshed while tasting local special agricultural and local products and dishes.

There is a variety of natural ecological beauty in the surrounding area – the only Shuipenzi forest in the central “Mangrove Ecological Park”, “Shui Lingyi Ecological Education Park”, Gaomei Wetland and more cultural activities, not only luxury camping, it also has an environmental education field certification.

Price includes,
breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner.
Price vary in the week end and high season or special holidays.

Type of tents:
Deluxe one double bed
Deluxe three single beds
Deluxe double double bed
Luxury four bed tent
Log Cabin Nahai


Location: Taichung ( Daan )

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